"Get this damn sign off my lawn already!"

Finally.  We close tomorrow morning at eight a.m.  I feel like we are standing on the precipice of adulthood.  Having a child didn’t mark the end of adolecence for me; I still feel like a kid myself, but being a homeowner?  Now that makes me feel old.  Here we are, plaing house in Ohio, and at this time tomorrow, we will be saddled with a thirty year financial manacle.  I thought happiness would be my overarching emotion.  Is it normal that I feel nothing but impending doom?  

Nae and I have spent the last month picking through home improvement magazines, books and blogs.  Yesterday we found out that Nae’s $6,000 moving allowance would not be paid out.  (I digress.  I won’t get into the government beaurocracy that Nae deals with every day.)  Kitchen remodel, you say?  Never!  Alas, we will wait for antoher windfall to get the place outta the 1970’s and into this century.  I’m hoping for a hella good tax return, but im not holding my breath.

Now we hold on for dear life as our DINK (Double Income, No Kids) life goes out the window.  Ciao, frivolous vacations.  Adios, cutiepie shoes.  Siyanora, new Apple gadgets.  Say hello to roof replacements, kitchen countertops and termite bait-traps.  How is that for underwhelming?  Will I love this house as much as I loved my freewheeling, super spending life?  The shitty economy has finally made it to the Martinez household.  Ah, boy, here we go.