This would be one of those moments where I absolutely lose my f’ing marbles, because for ONCE IN MY LIFE, I have outsmarted Pintrest, and come up with something completely on my own, and I think it is couch-hopping amazing.  You, on the other hand, may think it is less than pivotal.  We can agree to disagree.

Yes, people.  I’m talking about DIY Dreamsicles (what else?).  Holla!  Take a look at these bad boys…

Wanna know how I did it?  No?  Then move on; ’cause the rest of this post is for those who have nothing better to do with their time than make popsicles that won’t make their asses any much bigger.  P.S. – I started out with this recipe for the strawberry swirl ones from Woman’s Day.

Gather your supplies:
  • Orange juice
  • Vanilla yogurt
  • Ziplock baggie
  • Popsicle molds
  • Red food coloring (Only if you have a tot whom insists that orange flavored popsicles must indeed be ORANGE)

If you are into orangeifying your OJ, do that first.  All you need is a smidgen of a drop to make it turn orange; any more and you have pink.  Pour your OJ into the molds and chill in the freezer until the outside is frozen but the center is still liquid.  That was about  forty-five minutes for me, but it might be different depending on your freezer and molds.

Gently poke a hole in the top of the pop and slowly dribble the liquid OJ into a glass.  They will end up looking like this:

Fill your Ziplock baggie with the yogurt and snip a tiny corner off the bag.  Pipe those babies full, pop on the tops and freeze until set; about 4 hours.

Lastly, run them under hot water for a few seconds, slide them out of the molds and arm yourself with a wet wipe for sticky-toddler cleanup.  Done and done.