Just when I finally got used to the idea of living in Ohio… When I finally painted my very first room (of my entire life)…  I get a call from Nae.

“What about Colorado Springs?  Like, to move there.”

And so it began.  As we speak, Nathan is out in C. Springs checking out real estate, chatting up the powers that be, and scoping out what could be our big backyard.

Let’s pause and reflect.  Chicago to Florida and back.  Then to Michigan and back.  Then to Spokane and back.  Finally on to Ohio.  Now, maybe to Colorado.  Here, maybe a map would better illustrate the journey:

Let me preface everything by saying that this is in no way guaranteed.  He isn’t necessarily a shoo-in for the position, though his odds are good.  If he was offered the job, then we have the salary hurdle to cover, so we are totally putting the cart before the horse.  But this is what we want; it might be our big chance.  Since leaving Spokane, we have been kicking ourselves for leaving the West.  The mountains, the people, the ability to wear a North Face jacket without looking like a big, fat wannabe… I may have been premature to judge on that last one.  I am a wannabe these days.

After taking stock in the fact that I am fretting about something that ought not be fretted about quite yet, I decided that I would just leave it up to fate for the time being. If it will be, it will be.  I will NOT worry about selling our house.  I will NOT think about real estate commissions or just breaking even.  I will NOT stress about moving clear across the country again.  I will NOT feel defeated that we just finished the bathroom and already have all the supplies for the next one in the garage.  And, most of all, I will NOT acknowledge the feeling of exasperation when I realize that I will be remodeling a kitchen for someone else.

Sigh.  Okay, maybe I will just a little.  So be it.  Wagons ho!