Alice’s nursery is finally done!  Well, I guess it was done the night before she was born, but it was only this morning when I surveyed the room and (with a mighty sniff) proclaimed: “Yes!  I deem thee complete!!”

Care to take a tour?  Follow me!

Needless to say, we had ZERO budget.  But, I did splurge on the fabric; its by Amy Butler and I picked it out when I was pregnant three years ago with Finn.  Alas, he was a boy, so I hunted it down last year even though it was out-of-print.  God bless the Internet.  I made the quilt, crib skirt and bumpers.  I snazzed up a pair of curtains from Ikea.

I fell in love with this cute bin from Land of Nod, but forty buckaroos was a bit steep…  I made my own, with an owl and she has eyelashes.  That bookcase?  Nathan made it from two super tall cabinet doors and a sheet of MDF.  He thought we should have had one more shelf, and I wish I would have listened.  But you know what?  When Alice gets her first American Girl Doll, that baby can stand on one of those shelves.

Nathan and I picked up the chair at Ikea in the As-Is section, and we teamed up to build the little stool.  Is is nice and sturdy, despite that fact that we built it out of wood scraps, a foam mattress pad and a yard of wool fabric.  

When trying to think of a name for the little lady, the only one we even thought of was Alice.  But, about six months in, I had this pillow done and was aching to put her name on it.  I marched up to Nathan and laid it out.

“Can we just agree that it is going to be Alice, since we both like it and I don’t see us thinking of anything else?  Can we just decide already?  Alice?  Done?”

“Sure.  Sounds good.  Once less thing.”

So, I huffed and puffed back to my sewing machine and “Alice” it was.  When Nae came back upstairs 20 minutes later, he was a little miffed.

“WTF, Lisa? You didn’t waste anytime with that, did you?!”

And so it was.

By the way, I totally thought I was all original with those butterfly cutouts; they are paint chips.  But, then I saw exactly the same thing on Pintrest and I felt a little defeated.  And that little mouse?  It is Royal Copenhagen and was my great-grandmother’s.  I knocked it off its shelf when I was a tot, so now it is missing part of its ear.  Guess it is a little fitting that it shows up here.

Here is another free-ish project.  The mobile is embroidery hoops and birds made from fabric scraps.  If you are interested in the pattern, you can find it here.  Please don’t judge me on the textured ceilings.  It is an Ohio thing and I totally do not understand it but they are in all the houses out here.

Have I ever mentioned I have an unheathy obsession with David Adler’s Menagerie collection?  See that lamp in the background?  I scored that little whale JA whale for $6.00 on The Home Shopping Network (Online, people! And it was the only time I ever bought anything from them.  And it wasn’t even a piece of costume jewelry).  What was supposed to be a simple little mashup of said ceramic whale and a tiny lamp from Walmart turned into a total fiasco.  Like, bawling my eyes out over it three or four times.  And it probably ended up costing me fifty bucks once I was all finished.  Don’t you dare touch it, or it might crack, but I have a psuedo-Jonathan Adler lamp.  So there.  Humph.

We got the mirror at a garage sale for $15 and spray painted it navy.  For the animal hooks, we took a scroll saw to little animal figurines from Michaels and painted them white.  That was the last piece to be finished.  Nathan put the final coat of poly on the wood the day before she was born and we hung it up eight hours before we left for the hospital.

My mom’s Alice in Wonderland doll now sits on her shelf, along with a coconut piggy bank my brother and his girlfriend got her in Mexico.  Now it is finally done, thanks to that adorable coconut piglet.