The Finnster’s walls have been looking a little bare now that the nursery is all done.  This is the moment where I realize that I have become what I refused to ever be; spoiling my daughter, because she is a girl, while the ‘lil dude gets shafted. He loves Lightning McQueen, Spiderman, The Hulk, rhinos and Chewbacca.  I can’t be putting all that commercial crap up in my kid’s room.  What was that?  Rhinos?  Rhinos!  I can do rhinos! So it began.  Cruising the blogosphere and Pintrest got me here:

via Holly Mathis Interiors

OMG!  Paper mache rhino!  From Anthropologie!  For only EIGHTY DOLLARS?!?  (Sidebar; click on the image above to see the whole room.  This woman is amazing.) Let’s see…  What do I have here to work with so I can do this for free?  I got some felt, an old family plaque, a holocaust cloak (daily Princess Bride reference!  Win!), some beads and a sewing machine.  So, then, I see this (actually the rhino version, which I stupidly did not pin.):

via Pintrest; Planet Fur

And then I think; “I can do that!!”  (Another note; this woman is awesome, too.  Check out Planet Fur here.)  So I get cracking, scribbling a little pattern down and get to work making a tiny version, which turned out pretty good.  I made a BIG one, which started to look really cool, but then this happened: He sat in our spare room for a month.  Which is a veritable eternity if you are the severed head of a felt rhinoceros. But, I persevered, and now he is done and hung on Finn’s wall.  He’s got a Gryffindor scarf around his neck, since Felt Rhinos are native to Felt Africa, and it is a little chilly here in Ohio.  My friend Luckie from Spokane made that scarf for me.  Now I get to see it everyday. I’m not suggesting I try to get it hung in the Met or anything, but I am kinda proud of it.  Oops, I just strained my shoulder.  From trying to pat myself on the back.