I absolutely, positively do NOT miss working.  What I do miss is the camaraderie that goes along with sharing a dysfunctional workplace with others.  And I miss the Monday morning how-was-your-weekends.  Especially since around here, most of the time, my weekends seem to be just the same as any week day.  Nathan has been out-of-town or working nearly every weekend this year, so this was an exceptional one!  Nae was home!

It was a busy two days.  The main highlights?  Multiple trips to Target, Home Depot, grocery shopping, kite-flying, an interesting meal at Cici’s Pizza (ewe) and the world’s coolest toilet seat.

Oh, and I forgot to mention this; another bathroom remodel.  More of a mini-remodel, since we aren’t going to do anything about the pink tile in the shower just yet.  That is a huge undertaking that we don’t have the time for (or want to sink the cash into it if we are going to move), so it is only the rest of the room.  It went from this: