Because you never know when you’ll need an animal’s ass to hang up your Gerber rebate check.  Yep, I’m a high roller like that.

Super cool magnets, yes? No butts about it.

After completing Alice’s animal hook rack thingie, we ended up the rear ends of all these little plastic animals.  Nathan and I are pack rats, so of course we couldn’t throw them away, especially when Nae decided that we needed to stick them to the fridge.  Why not?  And that is how this DIY came to be.  Later, I saw the excact same ones on Pintrest, proving that there is nothing new in this world any longer.  Care to follow along?  Let’s begin now…

Gather your supplies:

  • Animal Butts (hewn in half by a competent operator of a scroll saw or a Dremel Tool.)
  • 1/4″ super strong magnets
  • Epoxy for plastic
  • Sandpaper or a Mouse Sander
  • Drill
  • 3/8″ drill bit
  • Diet Coke (for refreshment)

First, I sanded the rough edges completely flat with my Mouse Sander.  (I love that sander.  If you have a spare $35 to spend on anything; allow me to suggest a Mouse Sander.  Not shoes or a couple of martinis; a sander.  That must speak volumes of me.)  I didn’t try to get them super perfect, just close enough was fine.

Pull out your drill and drill a hole on the rough edge of the tush.  Go really slow.  I started by using a drill bit that was slightly smaller than the magnets because I wanted them wedged in there nice and tight.  I ended up having to use a bit that was slightly bigger, since the plastic would stretch a little while drilling, resulting in a smaller hole.

Mix up your epoxy per the instructions and smoosh a little dollop into the hole you just made.

Place your magnet on the table, line up the hole and PUSH!  Push HARD!  Now breathe, relax and PUSH again.  Think birth, only backwards.  It will eventually go in.  It is important to get the super strong magnets; they are tiny, and the regular ones probably aren’t strong enough to hold up the animal and your kid’s artwork.


We got our magnets and animals from Michaels (I used a 50% off coupon for both).  Grand total for project (not including the animals, since they were a bi-product from other stuff): $1.80.