From the creators of Valentine’s Day, New Years Eve and Sweetest Day…

In a world where mothers lead a thankless existence; cooking and cleaning tirelessly and bitching tirelessly about cooking and cleaning tirelessly, one woman must face her fears as she realizes her packages may not arrive in time for…


Coming soon to a breakfast in bed near you.  Yeah, unless you are me, and then you might be lucky if you get to sleep in an extra six minutes while Dad makes Finn a toaster waffle.

I’m always a little late in the game, but I think I just may squeak by on this one. I have this stack awaiting a trip to the post office.  All I need now is for the little ankle biters to get through their naps and then it is “HEAVE HO!” time.  The post office awaits.

I want to show the world the awesome stuff I made para mi madre, but of course, then I would be blowing the surprise for half of my readers (“Hi, Mom!!), so this sneak peek will have to suffice for now.  More to come next Monday.