Alice has already been on a road trip (from here to Chicago and back), but this weekend she christened (read: puked on, peed on, pooped on) our camper.  Or, as Finn calls it, “The House with Wheels.”  Look how happy we were to get outta Dodge:

While everyone and their mother (quite literally) was out at brunch, we packed up the fam, dogs and all, and headed out to Langhorne, Pennsylvania to visit Sesame Place.  Think Disneyland, but with Elmo.  And smaller.  And less cool.  We didn’t have many grand expectations; we just thought it would be a good opportunity to see something new and test drive our new foursome at a theme park.  You know, before we hit the granddaddy of them all; Walt Disney World.  Pause here for a moment of reverence, please…

(Insert moment of reverence here.)

Okay.  But there was one thing I was really looking forward to.  Sitting on the Sesame Street steps.  We were all kind of excited to see Sesame Street for real; buy something at Hooper’s store, kick Oscar’s trash can, sit on the steps…  I was imagining it would be something like this, only without Paul Simon, his guitar and perfectly diverse group of Lilliputians.


What it turned out to be was a pretty pitiful facade with some really narrow steps and a piece of plywood painted to look like a door.  You’d think for the $58 they charge per person to get in, they could spring for some real windows and actual curtains, but no.  Ah, well.  You win some, you lose some.  And though Finny had a grand old time, Nathan and I were a little turned off by the less-than-glossy finish of the whole place.  It was pretty tiny, too.

On the plus side, Finn got to ride his first real rollercoaster…

He got to meet some of the Muppets and see Elmo.  We also discovered that his dad’s distaste for straight drops must be genetic; he was none too pleased with the Blast Off (a small version of the Giant Drop).  Overall, it was mostly a success.  There weren’t a ton of people there, and all the high school and college kids still liked their jobs, since it is early in the season.

Will we go back?  I think we will pass.  But I’m betting the Little Pooper would have something different to say about it.