This is how my weekend went:

Finally broke out the summer clothes I (and my entire family) have been buying since I found out Alice was of the female persuasion.

The kids and I enjoyed our first picnic of the summer. On the driveway, since we are classy like that.

Tried my hand at cobbling. Since buying your kids’ shoes at the store is soooo last season. More on that later in the week.

And bought a kiddie pool at Walmart. Now we are those people with the plastic baby pool in their front yard.

To cap it all off, I had a threesome with these two really hot cool Greek guys; Ben and Jerry. (Seriously, Nathan, if you covered yourself in peanut butter, bananas and Greek yogurt, I wouldn’t have to go looking for it elsewhere.)

I’ll tell you one thing; our life may be pretty ordinary, but there is never a dull moment.