This weekend was awesome. And exhausting… My dad came in to visit from Phoenix with his girlfriend and her daughter in tow. We had a blast; my dad got to meet Alice for the first time and reconnect with Finn. We haven’t seen each other in a little over two years, so it was good to watch old home movies, share an actual meal together and just chillax.

We kicked off our weekend on Thursday with Nae and I completing the marathon cleaning fest. You know to type; the kind that only gets done when you have guests over? It doesn’t help that my dad is Danny Tanner incarnate; he is known for vacuuming himself out the door and traveling with a bottle of Windex in the glove compartment. We didn’t even come close to doing all the stuff we planned on doing, but my dad didn’t have any complaints.

We headed over to one of the local parks for a nice hike on Friday. Finn walked the entire way- or almost the whole way. Nathan popped him on his shoulders for the last leg with Alice already on his back.

Have I ever mentioned my dad is John Stossel? No? It’s probably because he isn’t. But he looks just like him. He’s been approached in the locker room of the gym whilst wearing nothing more than shampoo for autographs. (And my stepdad is a dead ringer for Mike Ditka; I’m so lucky!)

We capped off a long day of toddler-entertaining on Saturday by puking on the floor of the Olive Garden lobby. Finn had just had too much excitement and upchucked all over the floor. I’d be lying when I didn’t feel just a little smug; though I love The O.G., the fact that we were the only people waiting and were told that it would be a twenty-five minute wait made me want to vomit, too.

To the horror of the entire hosting staff, we stayed and ate dinner. Finn wanted to. So we did. Kids puke all the time; I totally don’t understand how a person can purge themselves of the contents of their stomach and still want to stuff it with garlic bread sticks. Turned out that he crashed before we even ordered. So that saved us six bucks on a kids meal.

Sunday was Nathan’s birthday. The old man turned 31. We celebrated with turtle cupcakes. Finn decided what Nathan’s birthday theme would be; the trusty old Twilight Turtle. And so it was. Nae lit the candles with a blowtorch; which is so Nathan.Then we watched videos of my brothers, dad and I when we were young. I’m sure that was a real birthday treat for Nathan. He fell asleep.

After a puke-free breakfast at Ihop, everyone departed and we went home to catch a nap. We hit Home Depot at the end of the day since no weekend would be complete with out “hitting’ the Depot.” Though I had every intention of doing some work last night, I just hit the sack.

To recap; clean, hug, hike, cook, play, puke, eat, sing, blow out candles, eat, roll my eyes at my obnoxious fifteen-year-old self, marvel at the sweetness of my brothers when they were young, eat, not puke, nap, Home Depot, sleep. I think that about covers it.  I was sad to see my dad go, but I’m glad that I can walk around in my undies again.