There is only so much sunblock, kiddie pool, bike riding and tot chasing that I can handle.  This morning, we took a break from all that.  Even though it is a beautiful day.

We went bowling.  In the living room.

Maybe it had something to do with the fact that I only got four hours of sleep last night.  It might be that I am still suffering from a carb-hangover.  It is probably just laziness.

It actually was fine, staying inside.  We did puzzles, listened to records on Nathan’s old Fisher Price Record Player, fired up the XBox to partake in a little Disneyland Adventures and read a few extra books.  (The library’s summer reading program is in full swing, and I am determined that Finn will get all the prizes.)

But the real highlight of the morning was bowling.  I made Finn a set of animal bowling pins that never get used, so we broke ’em out.  It gets a little old when they refuse to fall over when you hit them with the ball…  Finn didn’t seem to mind.

Now that it is after lunch, and the kids are finally down for a nap, I am going to partake in a little shuteye myself.  I have lots to do, but it is one of those lazy type of days…

(Insert really clever closing line here.)