I cannot get over that this was you six months ago, Alice…

And now, you’re practically going off to college.

Oh, my sweet little lady… At this moment in time, you are the most perfect little girl I have ever known. You love to laugh and giggle, you sleep like a baby (probably because you are), and you have the most adorable little rollie pollie thighs; eight tiny, squeezable rolls of fat for your dad and I to squish every time we can.

You have always had the sweetest personality. I have never seen such a spunky, cheerful baby in all my life, and what’dya know? You’re mine! I am so glad that you have not taken after me in this respect. I am a total spaz and always have been.

Right now, all of your hair is falling out, and lighter new hair is coming in. I’m not sure why you have a giant bald spot on one side of your head, but I think it is because you are pulling your hair out with your right hand while you suck your left thumb. You are definitely rockin’ the “Reverse Old Man” bald ring around your head, too. Dad likes to call it your “Crypt Keeper Hair” which is, unfortunately, a very fitting description. But lemme tell you, girl… No one has looked so good with such bad hair.

We are gearing up to start feeding you fruits and veggies in the next few days. I’m thinking roasted sweet potatoes might be your first meal, but we may decide to start you on avocados or bananas. I am going to try to make baby food for you, like I swore I would do with your brother, but never had the energy to do.

You also love to take showers with me! You try to grab at the shower spray and put your mouth in the water and lap it up like a little puppy. Oh! It is so cute, but your dad thinks that our water isn’t very healthy for you. (Have I told you, he is a spaz, too?)

Now you are sitting up all by your little lonesome. You also roll around like a little bead of water, which terrifies me when I look away for five seconds and you have already rolled out of sight and under the dining room table. You also love to blow raspberries. And my least favorite thing you do? You are pulling out all the hair from the nape of my neck. If one of us is going bald, we both will, huh?

I hope one day, you will have a baby as wonderful as you are now. I love you, Princess Backfat.