Alice and I are drowning in a sea of testosterone over here.

Everything is either superheroes, trucks, bugs, or trains. And the occasional episode of My Little Pony. Finny (inexplicably) loves this show. I am bitching about making a Bumblebee costume, but at least I don’t have to worry about making a Twilight Sparkle get-up. And it isn’t because I care if he dresses up as a rainbow-colored pony for Halloween; as long as one of my kids walks down the aisle in a white dress, I am happy. It is just that I don’t think I could capture Ms. Twilight Sparkle’s je ne sais quoi.

After delving into the manufacture of red, white and blue popsicles, Finn decided it was not about patriotism. It was all about Captain America. Or Captain Amer-ee-ka as he refers to him. And honestly, this was next logical step:

So I obliged. Because why wouldn’t I?

And you know what? I am so the cool mom for allowing him to eat popsicles for breakfast. And chocolate. Even if it is only seven chocolate chips. Nevermind that key lime and chocolate are disgusting together. He’s a kid. As long as it is an unnatural color and has sugar in it, he doesn’t care.

Oh. My. God. If I could only make Thor pops, I would never eat anything else. Strawberry Fruit Roll Up cape, anyone? It would be amazing. Not that I have any idea how I would capture his perfect tush. Put that on ice. Oh, yes.