While all of you were enjoying your Saturday evening; watching movies, having family game night, painting your toenails or enjoying shrimp and gator sausage cheesecake in St. Louis (like my parents, and apparently it was delicious), Satan descended on our new bathroom and decided he would have a little fun.

As we stood on the precipice of completing the first bathroom remodel, the one that took us over a year to do, the pipes in our master bathroom decided to spring a leak. Both bathrooms share a wall, so all that water had to go somewhere.

Why would it manage to stay contained in our master bath, the one that we have yet to rip apart? Because that would be lucky. And Lady Luck was not smiling down upon us last night. Over the course of a few days, all the grout cracked in the new bathroom, and yesterday, I noticed water seeping up from between the tiles.

Say it with me now…


My once beautiful bathroom, all Nae’s hard work…

Has now been reduced to this:

We had to take all the tile up, and today we will be taking the toilet, vanity and all the trim out. We’ll wait for the subfloor to dry out and then we will lay down a layer of Durarock (which we should have done in the first place, but hadn’t had the experience under our belts to know better), and then laying a new floor. And I don’t think we will be able to salvage enough tiles to keep the same floor.

Vacation, you say? Nope. New tile floor. Because I will be able to enjoy that for years to come. Who needs a break from this circus anyway?

To add insult to injury, the water inside the mutual wall mated with the drywall and started to mold. Yippee!!

Which means we are now down two bathrooms and both tubs in the house. Never before have I been so happy we have three bathrooms. The third one is still not compete, though it is getting close. At least it is usable, which is more we can say for the other two.

Now we will be feverishly trying to put the new bathroom back together so we can properly bathe the kids. This is also the kick in the ass we need to get a jump on our master bath. We already have 90% of the supplies waiting (for disaster to strike) in the garage, so maybe we needed this.

I’m just gonna say it again.