I am obsessed with making dresses for Alice.  Which works out well for her.  Not so much for my kitchen, laundry and bathrooms.  I neglect everything else when I am on the dress-making war path.  I think Finn has been saying something about being hungry… And needing to have his teeth brushed.

I will be making Alice’s christening dress very soon; I’ll be cutting up my mom’s wedding dress to do it.  I’m a little terrified about that.  Since you can’t just run on down to Joann Fabrics to pick up another yard of Sentimental Early 1980’s Mother’s Wedding Dress, I figured i would practice with just plain cotton before I took a pair of scissors to the gown she walked down the aisle in.

True to form, this is the SECOND dress I made.  The first one was huge.  Maybe Alice will get to wear it next year.

I was happy with the way it turned out…

But it was just a little too traditional.  I decided to dye the bottom of it, though I was a little scared to do it.  I have read a couple of blog posts about ladies trying to get that trendy ombre effect with Rit dye, only to completely ruin a perfectly good shower curtain.

I tried anyway, and I LOVE it.

Yes, it is wrinkled.  But that is how we roll over here at my pad.  Ironing, schmironing.

So sweet with Dad.  This is one of those pics that makes me glad I had kids with this man.  Most of the time I want to run for the hills from these three crazies.  I mean, just look at my hair; it is practically screaming for me to get myself to a salon rather than make dinner or change another diaper.