Last year, Put A Bird On It was all the rage.  This year, the blogosphere has moved on.  To babies.

You’ve all seen those darling newborn baby shots.  You know, the ones where all you see is the parent’s hands, and the baby is sleeping.  And adorable.  And not covered in ape-like hair or baby acne.  Namely, they weren’t my kids.  When Finny came out, I took one look at him and thought, Alright.  I could get used to that.  He was kinda funny looking for the first few months.  Not that we cared.  Much.

Pinterest is chock full of cute baby pics.  Click on the Photography board, and most of what you see are adorable pictures just like I described.  Photos like this:

via Pinterest

Pinterest isn’t really the greatest place to see actual photography (as in art), unless you are into naked girls.  Here is my completely unscientific estimate about what you’ll find:

Lately, I have noticed the black-and-white-try-not-to-drop-the-baby pics are creeping towards bizarre.  It started with babies getting decked out in funny hats… Or put in a basket… Or getting kissed a buncha times (which is pretty darn cute, I’ll admit):

via Pinterest

But it only got weirder.  Now apparently all you need to do to get 80% of the women on Pintrest all twitchy in thier ovaries is to put your naked, sleeping newborn on some random object and hire a photographer.  It is kind of like planking.  For babies.

Take a look at this Tom Foolery:

Uh, Maude… I was getting ready to go milk Bessie, but I found this here baby in a stupid hat sitting in my bucket. Should we take a picture of it? -via Pinterest

No, Mom… Please don’t wake me for my noon feeding… I am dreaming of the most beautiful man I have ever seen, and he says his name is Ryan Gosling… -via Pinterest

The new variation of riding side-saddle. -via Pinterest

I can’t be the only person who thinks this is re-goddamn-diculous, can I? -via Pinterest

Oh, that’s great. We can’t get up-to-par bulletproof vests for our soldiers being deployed overseas, but now babies are standard issue? Fucking government red tape. -via Pinterest

I thought my clock was just out of batteries, but it turns out I just had a baby stuck in the mechanism. -via Pinterest

I know that the folks over at My Baby Can Read! are dying to get this littlin as their next spokes-baby. -via Pinterest

Does your luggage contain any prohibited items, such as firearms, explosives, knives and other weapons, or babies? -via Pinterest

Ohmygod. I am staring at that baby and WILLING IT TO PEE right now, aren’t you?? -via Pintrest

And if you think that shit is bizarre, check out next year’s trend in newborn photography… The creeptacular hanging baby cocoon.  Ewe.

Because this kid didn’t quite get enough of that crap for nine months, so his momma made him a crocheted uterus to swing in. Oh, joy. -via Reddit