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Oh, New York…  You were the last stop on our vacation, and I must say that you were a bit of a disappointment.  Not that it was entirely your fault.  We had every intention of exploring your famed “Upstate,” but alas, you were just a little too big, and we were a little too wary.  We skipped Lake Placid.  Maybe another time.

Instead, we made a beeline for Niagara Falls.  If ever there was a place to show how you really shine, this was it.  And I’m sorry, but Canada outdid you.  All those awesome pics of the falls you’ve seen?  Yeah… We didn’t see any of that.  Those views aren’t free, anyway.  Think helicopter tour or waiting in line for two hours to take an elevator down to the Cave of Winds.

I was really expecting to be blown away; totally in awe, and it was just… Meh.  Nice.  With a lot of people.  Most of them foreign, proving once again that many Americans have a lacking appreciation for the wonders of nature.  Or maybe all the Americans visiting must have been doing it from the Canadian side, I dunno.  While we didn’t have passports to get to the other side, I totally felt like I was sitting just behind a post at a Led Zeppelin concert.  Obstructed view, you know?  We just stood there, and all I could think was, god, I really bet this looks cool from over there...  Well, that and This. Is. Lame.

Once the kids get a little older, I think we’ll go back, passports in hand.  I think Alice is a little tiny to don a plastic blue garbage bag poncho and hit the Hurricane Deck or the Maid of the Mist.  Come to think of it, I’m not sure Finn is ready for that, either.

But, we got a couple of pictures of our lack of view, stood at the edge of the deck and felt the spray on our faces (and entire bodies, really).  Then we packed up, piled in the car, and tucked in for the very last leg of our vacation.  The longest one, even though it was only a few hours.  Those last few hours are the worst…  They just drag on and on.

Now we are finally back home, and this is what I got to enjoy yesterday…  Scaling Mt. Laundry.  In case you were wondering, this is what a week’s worth of vacation laundry looks like for a family of four.  And we did two loads of laundry in the middle of the week.  Yikes.

I am exhausted, but there is a little part of me that is all “Ermygorsh, gyes….  Where er we off to nerxt??”