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Every once in a while, I have a moment where I realize what I should be thinking every second of every day…

This is THE life.

A four or five years ago, I would have been sitting in front of my Capital Campaign Budget Reports, wearing a super cute outfit on my skinny little body. I would have had an adorable pair of shoes kicked off under my desk and a Lean Cuisine in the freezer for lunch. I probably would have been cursing myself for spending too much time on Facebook or (gasp!) MySpace, because this damn report was gonna be late, and shit, it is not balancing.

Now, I get to explain that poop was food, but that doesn’t mean that poop is food. And no, Mom does not have a penis. Apparently, I just have a butt, if we’re going by Finn’s knowledge of human anatomy.

Also, an important part of my job description is making sure that stuffed lobsters, puppies and plastic blue-spotted rays have a comfortable place to sleep. Which is why we spent part of this morning making sleeping bags out of scraps of polar fleece.

And while Finn and I were preoccupied putting animals to sleep, I almost missed this:

Alice’s is starting to crawl!

As she looks at me like “What the hell are you getting so excited about? I just hit myself in the face with a wad of plastic links!” I realize…

This is THE life. Hell yeah.