My grandmother gave Finny this cute set of tiny little fairytale books. Each one of them only has a few pages and illustrations to them. There might be a dozen or so. Finn loves to read them to Alice. Half the time I can’t comprehend a word he is saying when he is reading them to her, but she acts like she totally gets it.

This is good practice for when you are in a relationship, Alice. Nod and smile. Laugh when they do. Pretend like you are interested. It will save you a lot of trouble in the end.

Finn is pretty well versed in the Disney counterparts to the little books. But some of them don’t have a Disney counterpart. So you end up with a story like this:

“Alice, this book is called The Very Hungry Wolf. By Eric Carle.”

Actually, my dear Finny, it is Little Red Riding Hood, and Eric Carle wrote The Very Hungry Caterpillar. But really, who am I to correct something so adorable?

He describes (more or less) what is happening in the pictures, and adds his own flair and flourishes. Many times Nathan and I take starring roles in the stories. But, he finishes each one of the stories with the same line.

“And that is the way it is. De End. That was a good one, right, Alice?”

Here are few other titles he has been imparting upon little Alice…

  • The Apple Princess (Snow White)
  • Mom’s Duckies (The Very Ugly Duckling)
  • Go to Sleep, Spooky Girl (Sleeping Beauty) Don’t even ask; I have no idea. But something is creeptacular about the girl on the cover…
  • Piglets will Blow Down Your House (The Three Little Pigs)

I asked him what the name of Rumpelstiltskin was, and all he replied was that he didn’t know, “but that guy is really weird, Mom.”

I cannot figure out how he came up with “Jack and the Bean Hook” for Jack and the Beanstalk…

“Finn, it is Jack and the BeanSTALK. STALK, not HOOK.”

“Oh, okay. Jack and Bean’s Dog…

“Mom, who is Bean?”