Alice’s christening is quickly approaching, and I have almost NOTHING done.  Instead of getting some of this shit knocked out, and feeling a little better about the state of things, I figured I would just blog about how I am getting nothing done.

You know, procrastination.

It is one of those days weeks where I have so much crap to do, I just throw my hands up in the air as if to say “Fuck it!  I’m going to play solitaire.”

But here is what I am ruminating about…

I have decided to stick with a pretty simple theme, and I totally need an excuse to do something else ombre…  And as much as I’m not terribly into pink, I thought this was adorable, and totally doable on a micro budget:

via Pinterest

I also really want to get my hands dirty and see if I can make an ombre tablecloth. I’m using a $2.00 Ikea sheet and a bottle of Rit dye.  Two points for me – I just bought the dye yesterday.  Who said I wasn’t making any progress?

via Pinterest

This is what I am doing for the cake, but with four gradient shades of pink for the layers inside:

via Pinterest

I finally got off my ass and designed the invites, but that doesn’t mean that I have sent them out, gotten anything printed or mailed.  I’m so going cheap-o with this… Anyone under the age of seventy is getting an email.  Is that really tacky?

No, our last name isn’t really “Awesomeness.” But it should be.

And I still have to figure out what everyone else is going to wear.

And figure out the food.

And make rock candy.  (Please don’t ask.  I’ll explain if I ever actually do it.)

That is where I sit on this whole party-planning business.  To think, I thought I wanted to be a wedding planner at one time (back when I was sans-kids, and still had ownership of all my mental faculties).  Now a little shindig for thirty-ish folks is making me want to call it a wash.

But, next week, my mom and grandmother are coming in.  Which means there will be some serious shopping excursions; and that part about us having nothing to wear should work itself out.