Finn is such a boy. He spends hours playing with his trains. He knows the difference between a monarch caterpillar and a pine processionary caterpillar (don’t you?). He throws things and hits his sister in the head with a truck (just once, though).

Every once and again, he likes to show his compassionate side, and sometimes that means breastfeeding a baby doll. No big deal.

Okay, all hilarity aside, he is really sweet when he wants to be. For the last few weeks, he has been attached to a stuffed lobster and a german shepherd Beanie Baby. Alas, those are soooo last season. He has moved on to Alice’s baby doll. Normally Nathan is okay with it, but then Finn wanted to take the baby into Dunkin Donuts. And that is about where Nae drew the line.

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a tiny bit bothered by leaving the baby in the car whilst partaking in deep-fried pastries (I mean it is a BABY). Finn made sure to buckle the doll in his car seat while we went in, so I suppose it was as safe as a plastic baby can be. On the way home, I thought maybe this whole situation wouldn’t be so weird for Nathan if the doll wasn’t wearing pink. Makes sense, right??

I grabbed an old onesie and a pair of Alice’s jeans that she has grown out of and embarked on “butching up” our precious pink baby.

First, I cut the t-shirt apart and trimmed the sleeves to doll-size (totally unscientifically without any measuring devices; I’m such a rebel). I made the envelope collar overlap a LOT more since the baby is pretty tiny. Then I pinned the newly cut sleeve over the top and stitched it on up.

Once the sleeves were sewn in, I folded the front and back together and cut the width down to the size of the doll. Hem up the bottom, and that baby has a new shirt!

For the pants, I cut out the crotch of the jeans to the size of the doll, and hacked off the elastic waistband while I was at it. It totally killed me not to use the little ruffly bottoms. Manly pants, Lisa. MORE MANLY…

I opened them up, and hemmed the bottom of the legs.

With the right sides together, I stitched them back up the sides.

The toughest part was sewing the waistband back in. I cut it down to size, stitched up the raw edges and zipped that baby into the waist. I totally botched it, but I didn’t much care.

I dressed the lady in her new outfit, presented her to Finn and rolled my eyes when he asked for her pink jammies back. I barely got him to hold still long enough to snap a photo.

And then he asked if I could make her (she is still a she through all of this) a coat. “Because it is cold today, Mom.”