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Yeah.  Remember this?  Well, it is unofficially official.  We are moving to Colorado!  Nathan has accepted the job.  All the transfer paperwork will take a few weeks to come through; at that time we’ll figure out start dates and all the little details.  So, for now, we are just basking in the glow of another dream coming true.

Or are we?  In four days, it will be our second house-aversary.  In this shitty market, we are going to be putting our house on the market TWO YEARS after we bought it.  And sunk a whole ton of money and time in it.  Not to mention we are still up to our eyeballs in unfinished bathrooms.  #Sigh.  Followed by #gag.  And #barf.

Just when we moved past the slight heartbreak of finding out we would not be moving to Colorado, we moved on with our regular lives.  Took our time getting the bathroom floor back together.  Went on vacation.  Bought a new car.  You know, shit you would never, ever do if you were going to be packing your bags and dragging your family across the country.  To live.  Like, forever.

What the fuck are we going to do?  We are going to take it all in stride, put on our grownup undies and do what we do best.  Find the best in a (sorta) crappy situation.  Oh, that and FINISH ALL THE GODDAMN BATHROOMS.  And the kitchen.  And maybe brush up on our HGTV-honed house staging skills.  After we get the house on the market, we are going to WILL someone to buy it with our Jedi Mind Tricks.

This is simultaneously a dream come true and my worst nightmare.  I’m a nervous drinker; if Diet Cokes were beers, I would be totally toasted right now.

On the plus side, this is where we will be living…

Colorado Springs… Named the “Best Adventure Town.” Hell yeah. via National Geographic

Instead of here…

Okay, I don’t actually live in Youngstown.  Or anywhere close. It’s like how I say that I grew up in Chicago, but I’m actually a suburbanite and am totally terrified to drive in Chicago city limits. (And is that a DELORIAN??  Holy crap, where is Doc Brown when you need him?) via reason.com

Trying to keep it positive, right?  Optimism is my new middle name.  I think.  (Don’t tell anyone, but if people actually had middle names that perfectly described them, mine would be Bitchy Worrywart Snob.)

In the next few weeks, I will be posting all our before and after pics of our entire house.  And I’ll be doing some major subliminal marketing to all y’all, since I know everyone and their mom wants to move to Youngstown, Ohio.  Right?  And buy my awesome pad.  Right?  I’ll make you a really sweet deal…

This IS the house you are looking for…. Right, Obi-Wan??