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We’ve arrived safely in Chicago, and are ready to let the festivities begin… Alice’s christening isn’t until Sunday, but her godfather, Mister T, flew in from Germany, so we’re putting him through The Windy City paces.

We spent yesterday at The Museum of
Science and Industry. I mean, where else can you drive a combine, make a forty foot tornado, be transformed into a human hamster and watch The Miracle of Life (or something similar) all under the same roof?






The weather exhibit gave me the opportunity to show off just how smart I am. I didn’t even have to read an explanatory placard to answer with complete certainty that no, tornados do NOT have testicles.

It was like old times, hanging out with Mister T… Though we have added a few members to the band since our Spokompton days. I think The T would have enjoyed it a smidge better had Finn not thrown a tantrum in the middle of the anatomy exhibit, but hey… Hate the player, not the game. That’s not right. When in Rome? I dunno.

It’s good to know that we don’t have to work on getting our costumes sorted out for the band.

Gym shoes? Check.
Tshirt? Check.
Plaid shorts? Check.


Even Alice had fun. They had an exhibit specifically for non-walkers. I’m pretty sure it meant babies; not the geriatric set.


Today we kick it in to party gear. I’ll be assembling cakes and various sweets, poofing tissue paper pom poms and making fruit salsa over the next twenty four hours.

You are soooo jealous. I know.