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Ahhh, the weekend that wasn’t. Being as this was the first weekend Nathan has been home in a month, so we put our noses to the grindstone and hoped to knock the last bathroom out. We got a great start. But didn’t finish.

Friday afternoon:


Friday night:


Saturday afternoon (after grocery shopping, cleaning out the garage and power washing the front of the house):


Sunday morning:


Sunday evening (and the floor is now ripped out; boo yaa!):


And now, it is a smidgen farther, but the thinset wasn’t very thin, or good at setting the tile any longer, so we have to mix a new batch tomorrow to finish the wall tile. While Nathan spent much of the weekend working on the bathroom, I was keeping the little ones out of his hair. When we weren’t outside cleaning up, Finn spent a good part of the weekend in front of the electronic babysitter television. Or doing yoga…


While Alice got further aquatinted with Violet…


Coming up this week, we have to get this damn thing finished, make an Ikea run (three hours round trip, yay.) and replace the countertops and backsplash in the kitchen. Anyone interested in performing free manual labor – I’ve got an uncomfortable blowup mattress here with your name on it.

Act quickly to reserve your spot as space is limited.