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Remodeling is messy. Especially when you’ve got two little ones who only add to the drama. Nathan has been spending every last minute getting things torn up and put back together here, and at this point, it ain’t purty.

While the floor tiles set in the bathroom, we decided to start on the kitchen. After I scrubbed the kitchen yesterday, this is view I was treated to as I enjoyed my slightly delicious Pizza Hut breadsticks…


I know, Nae sans shirt is awful sexy, but the best part was watching that disgusting countertop vacate the premises. Don’t let the door hit you in the laminate-covered-particle-board ass on the way out.

I was beyond stoked when the new countertop came in the front door. But I am now a tiny bit worried about breakfast. While most of you will be enjoying your Eggo waffles in a clean kitchen this morning, this is what I have to look forward to as I stumble down the steps, glasses a-kimbo and perfectly bed-headed:


That nice area under the window is where my sink aught to be. And my microwave is hiding under the table. #Sigh.

And the view in my bedroom is not any better; in fact, it’s worse.


Yes, that is a toilet hanging out in my bedroom. And yes, Finn has tried to pee in it while it has been sitting there. Thanks for asking.

Enjoy that English muffin there for me, yeah? ‘Cause this bitch is enjoying her toast with a sprinkling of drywall dust. Delish!!