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We’re getting closer! This weekend was more exhausting than last weekend. It was the type that make you want to throw your hands up in a dramatic fashion and proclaim; “Fuck it. We’re going on vacation.”

But, it’s almost done. I fear the “before and after” is not going to be show stopping, simply because the room isn’t super photogenic to begin with, and it was all about icky finishes in the old kitchen. And we are keeping the old cabinets – we don’t have the time to replace them. Or the desire to throw good money after bad.

We got the countertops and backsplash in this weekend. I’m saying we because I put some serious hard ass work into those countertops. Well, soft ass. Meaning, I had the rough job of sitting on the counters while Nathan screwed them into place. See?


I will give you this little sneakity peek at the results, though.


It is about time my morning beverage got the attention it deserves. I think I may have Nae install a spotlight for me to stand in as I step out of the shower; I’m kinda jealous of that Diet Coke.

We still have to caulk a few seams, do the window casing and install the switches for the under-cabinet lighting.

Oh, and finish the bathroom.