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Thank goodness that Finn has decided to be something other than Bumblebee the Transformer.  All I could envision was spray painted yellow cereal boxes taped to his  skinny legs.  Gah.

He went through a phase where he wanted to be Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas.  And now that is out of the picture.  Now he wants to be a robot.  And since this week I am heading over to the fabric store to pick up material for costumes, ROBOT IT IS.  There aint no going back now.

Alice is so much easier.  I love that I get to pick what she is going to be.  When I was in high school, I actually bought a chili pepper costume that I thought I was going to put on my children one day.  Nah.  Alice as a chili pepper?  C’mon.  Wasted opportunity, if I ever saw one.  Until the day she wants to be Disney Princess after Disney Princess, I’m gonna make the most out of these next few years.  Wanna know what she is gonna be?  Here is a clue…

No?  Not getting anything?  Here, this is how far I got today; there is a whole lot of gold pleather missing from this get-up:

If you grew up under a rock or have zero imagination (which is something Nae suffers from quite frequently), she is going to be Wonder Woman!  I scored a cute Wonder Woman onesie from Old Navy a few weeks ago, and I have grand plans.  I’m not going to make her the cape, but a hoodie that looks like the cape.  It gets pretty chilly here in Ohio around Halloween.  It will probably rain.  Like it always does.

via donthatethegeek.com

Sorry if you are a big comic book fan; I am totally modeling Alice off of the BEST WONDER WOMAN EVER, Linda Carter.  Oh.  My.  God.  Can you get any more 1980’s awesome?  Also, please note that I will not be putting Alice in a red tube top.  She will be a modest Linda-Carter-Wonder Woman.  Though if I had those legs and that tiny little waist, I would totally bust out the hoochie mama Wonder Woman costume.  Complete with nude hose; yes sir.