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Yeah.  About that…

Needless to say, we’ve been swamped.  So swamped that Finn has spent much of the last week parked in front of the television.  Never, ever, EVER have I been happier that our house is a sprawling ranch, and I don’t have to listen to “This is Halloween, this is Halloween, everybody make a scene, Halloween, HALLOWEEN!” over and over again.  I used to adore The Nightmare Before Christmas.  Now, I would gladly chuck that damn DVD out the window if I knew I wouldn’t break a little boy’s heart if I did.

In the last week, we have been feverishly (and literally feverish) finishing up the house renovations.  And you know what?  It is almost done.  Like, for real.  We are on our last leg of the master bathroom right now.  The window and door need to be trimmed, and we have a few spots to touch up with paint, but then all I have to do is hang a few pictures on the wall and scrub the place clean and it is DONE.  YES, I AM YELLING.  Virtually yelling.  IT’S ALMOST MOTHER F’ING DONE!!!!

This is how we have been keeping track of what needs to be done:  A good, old-fashioned list.  And it feels so good to check things off when they get done, but even better when the whole room is done.  See?

Even Nathan gets excited about it.  Beyatch.

We finished the kitchen last night.  The house looks about as good as it ever will from the street even though the leaves have shook themselves off the trees in a fit of joy. The downstairs bathroom is done.  Our bedroom is a disaster; it is covered in a thick layer of drywall dust and has about eighty tubes of various types of caulk, adhesive and silicone littering every horizontal surface in the joint, but I can live with that for now.  Our real estate agent comes on Friday to take pictures so we can put this bad boy on the market next week.

Now comes the cleaning.  I have never been so excited to clean this house in all my life.  I keep envisioning the Kardashian house hiding under all these layers of building materials, grime and toys.  I know, I am totally setting myself up for disappointment.

It is kind of a joke; staging this place.  There isn’t anything to stage.  Most of the rooms in the house are big and devoid of a single piece of respectable furniture.  The house down the street sold in THREE DAYS, but they had nice furniture.  Nathan and I got in an argument about not having a sofa in our living room.  I think it makes us look poor…  And maybe that we will take any offer that someone throws at us.  Nathan thinks I am being absolutely ridiculous.  Am I?  Maybe.

The downstairs bathroom. Done! Beyatch.

The master bathroom. Almost done. Eeee!!  Last time you saw this, it looked like this.

So, for now, y’all will just have to take a peek at things before they are all nice and spiffy/staged.  Que sera, sera… 🙂

And yes, tacky as it is, I totally just put an emoticon in up there.  Because  behold, I AM SMILING.  🙂