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THE HOUSE IS DONE!!  It is done, it’s done, done, done, DONE.  Or, as Nae would say it; “DONE.  Beyatch.”

Actually, we have some trim to paint, some gutters to powerwash and the garage and basement to clean up, but the renovations are over.  For those keeping score at home:

1 Kitchen Renovation + 3 Bathroom Remodels + 4 weeks = Serious Test of Wedding Vows

This afternoon our realtor came over to take pictures for the listing, so naturally, last night I spent my time cursing my vacuum cleaner, wiping drywall dust off of every single horizontal surface in the house and hanging prints up in the bathroom.  Windex is a magical solution, let me tell you.  After she left, I got around to finally taking pictures of the house, and I thought I just might show off my kitchen, and hope that you don’t notice that the cabinet doors are the most hideous 1980’s laminate EVER.  (Well, I guess that cat is outta the bag.)

Here is the atrocity we had to start with…

Here is what it looks like now:

I know, it’s not the most amazing transformation ever, but it is a major improvement.

Again, before… Please note the exquisite fake, flaking brass handles and quaint country sheer window treatments.  And the cute little boy with the shaggy hair.

And now:


We replaced the counters, faucet and backsplash:

And the awful handles:


And put some pictures on the wall.


Fun fact:  we don’t even have a home phone.  That one is there just to cover up the ugly jack.  Also, Finn loves to play with it.

So there you have it!  If we were staying, we totally would have refaced the cabinets.  Instead of doing that, we just decided to move to Colorado and buy a house with cabinets we like.