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It is a tale of epic proportions. A sweeping saga of love and loss. Boy meets girl, girl falls in love with boy. They get married, have kids, cart said family all over the Continental United States and finally RENOVATE BATHROOMS. Three of them to be precise.

It is a trilogy of bathrooms, really. So I figured it only fitting to liken it to the great journey of Mr. Frodo Baggins and Sam Gamgee. They braved the fires of Mt. Doom; Nathan and I remodeled three bathrooms. Same thing, really. Here I give you the first leg of our epic journey; the kids’ bathroom. It started out yellow, and I don’t mean yellowy-beige, but lemon yellow. Tile, tub, sink, even the toilet was yellow.

We had been moved into our house for two weeks. I got an awful phone call; my mother telling me that my grandfather had passed away. I hung up the phone, started mentally preparing myself to drive sixteen hours with eighteen-month-old Finn and both dogs and went upstairs to go pee. And that is the moment when I discovered the wall looked a little funny. The plumbing was leaking behind the wall, and the only way to get it fixed was to rip the whole wall apart. And thus, we began our journey of remodeling our first bathroom. We thought it may take a month or two. And about $900. Ha, ha. That’s a laugh.

Here is the punchline; we just finally finished it totally, 100%, completely, finito – a few days ago. It sat in “almost finished” status for months and months. In fact, I posted about it way back in May. And then we had a major plumbing snafu in our other bathroom (which shares a wall) right before we went on vacation this summer, causing us to rip up the floor, lay new tile and redo the backsplash. I learned this valuable lesson along the way: NEVER grout a floor with white grout, no matter how awesome you know it will look. Listen to your husband. You will not be able to keep it clean.

The major holdup was that flippin’ cabinet.  The original plan was to get glass shelves cut to size, but after finding out that it was going to cost an exorbitant amount of money for four little pieces of glass, we opted to cut the existing glass shelves from the original medicine cabinet.  It was a tiny little project that we just kept putting off, since we a little trepidatious about getting glass shrapnel in our mitts.  Turns out it was no big deal; we used our wet saw to plow through them in about three minutes.

When we found out that we were moving; holy crapola, we had to get this thing done. And finish the other two bathrooms in the house.

I think the part that I love the best is the vanity.  I love the look of open vanities, but they are usually pretty spendy, especially when you need one that is almost five feet long.  I saw one that I loved at the botanic gardens in Cleveland of all places, and Nathan built this one to match.  We used a kitchen countertop from Ikea (I wish I could have put in carerra marble, but for a kids’ bathroom?  No.) and we majorly scored a display model Kohler sink at Lowes for $20.00.  Chica boom.

Now all the bathrooms are done, shiny and new, and I’m all about bragging about them here on my little bloggy-blog. Much like the first Lord of the Rings movie, this bathroom was my favorite one. We did it for us, before we knew we would leave so soon. We learned a lot of hard lessons, and got our DIY toes SOAKING wet doing it. When we started it, it was totally like all those Middle Earth-ians setting out on a cross-country hike to Mt. Doom. They (and we) had NO FLIPPING CLUE what we were in for.

Stay tuned for the next installment of The Lord of the Shower Curtain Rings: The Two Showers. AKA: our second bathroom.