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But you might think otherwise if you saw her choice in “yard art” for Halloween.

(I know I am interrupting your Lord of the Shower Curtain Rings marathon, but trust me, this is totally worth it.)

My mom has this giant gnome in her otherwise classy front yard.  He is easily three feet tall.  She also loves to decorate for Halloween.  She texted me this picture of her gnome in costume:

I didn’t even bother texting her back.  I called her immediately.

“Mom.  Take it down.  Now.”

“Why?”  she laughs nervously.

“Do you also plan to include a burning cross to your Halloween ode to the KKK?  Mom… Pointy white sheets with holes cut in them.  Really??”


A little while later, she texted me again.  She put a bowl over his head.


Way better, mom.  Now the nice Jewish couple down the street can rest easy.