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Our second bathroom renovation was much less stressful than the first. It was also relatively easy, since most of what we did was cosmetic and didn’t involve sweating pipes or tearing down any walls.

No, we do not have two showers in this room. There is only one shower, but guess how many times have we used it? Twice, you say? Yes. Twice. We have had a couple of guests use it, but counting those would ruin my clever title. The Seven Showers just ain’t as catchy. Much like the LOTR movie, The Two Towers, this bathroom was totally an inbetweener. Sure, lots happened, but it wasn’t as spectacular as the first, and not as challenging as the last.

We started with mauve (pink, for those of you men reading) sink, tile and toilet. The countertop was green. Gah. It was horrible. Within a few days of us moving in, the pink toilet started to run continuously, and instead of throwing an easy $20.00 into parts to fix it, we opted to just buy a whole new toilet. A good $100 decision, I think.

When we found out there was a possibility that we would be moving to Colorado, we started to renovate this bathroom right away. We had a leftover chunk of countertop from our first bathroom, bought a cheapity light fixture and scored a clearance faucet for $25.00 at The Depot. Once we got it out of the box, I totally figured out why it was marked down 75%. Take a peek; does it remind you of anything?

Yep. Weiner. The award for most phallic bathroom fixture goes to… This guy!!

I can’t even clean it without feeling like I’m being unfaithful to Nae.

But, we used it anyway. It was $25.00 for pete’s sake. We also put up a bigger mirror, got a new sink, frosted the windows in lieu of the old mini blinds that were there before and made new cabinet doors. Can I just express (again) how flippin’ awesome it is that I have a husband who knows how to work a table saw?

The one thing we didn’t do was redo the shower. We put up a new shower head and called it a day. If we were going to stay, we would have likely used one of those all-in-one fiberglass surrounds and just gotten new knobs for the diverter. All I ended up doing was spending a healthy chunk of a perfectly good Saturday scrubbing down the shower doors with Bar Keepers Friend. The shower is just on the other side of that wall below, and I’m not even going to tarnish my post with a picture; just trust me – you’ve seen better and you’ve seen worse.

In the end, a few updates really went a long way. I’m not testifying to this in court, but if I had to put a quick dollar amount on it, I think we maybe spent about $300.00 on the whole thing, including the toilet and all the little things like new light switches, paint, trim and hardware. I wish all bathrooms were this easy.

I’m sure you are all just dying to see the last installments of our bathroom extravaganza, yes? Next week, your expectations will be blown away (or not) when I do the final reveal of our master sa-weet (or suite). The Lord of the Shower Curtain Rings: The Return of Irish Spring is just a few short days away!!

I expect you all lined up outside in your very best Lord of the Shower Curtain Rings costumes for the midnight screening. Extra points if you come dressed up as Smeagol/Walter.