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Oh, how I wish the completion of our final bathroom came with Viggo Mortensen sportin’ a crown and swinging a super intimidating sword.  (Do you think he uses Irish Spring?  I kinda figure him for a Nivea man…)

But alas, not all things turn out just the way you want them.

Our last bathroom, the master bath, didn’t turn out exactly the way I would have liked, but only because it didn’t make much sense to purchase a new mirror (instead of spray painting the existing one), invest in the most amazing mosaic accent tile and splurge on exactly the right light fixture – since the house officially went on the market on Wednesday.

Other than that, it looks just as I thought it would; amazing.  Due only to Mr. Nathan. When I look back on all our renovation “in progress” photos, most of them are of the back of his head, not mine.

Was I thinking ahead, I might have moved the toilet scrubber outta the way for the photo.

This was a full gut job; except for the tub.  I also would have put in a deeper tub if we were going to be here for the long haul.  Even though it was original to the house, the tub was still in great shape and pristine white.  No need to mess with (cough) perfection.

Way less penis-y, unlike our downstairs bathroom.

We added a new vanity/sink, replaced the toilet and redid the tile in the shower.  I know you must be sick of hearing about drywall dust by now, but I am sooo glad that we are done with drywalling.  It wasn’t the hardest part, but it was the messiest.  The new floor is so dark, and I like it, though I was a little nervous about it when we bought the tile.  In the end, I’m happy with it.

I was tearing out my hair looking for something cheap to put up on the walls, and lo and behold, I already has these postcards from our West Coast road trip many moons ago.

Right outside the bathroom was an awkward vanity/makeup area thing.  It was hideous, and that does not come through in the pictures at all.  We removed the 1970’s groovy door, painted the drawer fronts underneath and added a new vanity top.  In a perfect world, we would have used a slab of travertine like the vanity top in the bathroom, but again, money, money, money.  We sprung $22.00 for an unfinished door, stained and sealed it.

I’m a little sad that we don’t actually get to use this bathroom.  Very sad, actually.  The very same way that you might feel about these dorky “Lord of the Rings” inspired post titles.  Unfortunately,  my friend, this was the last one.  For a while, at least.

Once we were all done, Nathan took a deep breath and sighed one of those exasperated sighs one does after finishing a long and tedious project…

“Fuck it.  Let’s stay.”

And for a little second, I was totally with him.  I ran my hands along the edge of the vanity and took one glance at our doughy Ohio-ed selves in the mirror and then  immediately got my priorities straight.

“Nice house in Ohio, or the unknown in Colorado?”  I asked him.

Yep.  Both of us agree.  Colo-freakin-rado.