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Fridays around here are a big deal; we hit up the local library for storytime.  Finn loves it, it is easily the highlight of the week.  This week was even more exciting, since Halloween is next week, this week was costume day.

This meant I had to kick it into high gear and finish the kids’ costumes.  I made it just under the wire.  Alice is Wonder Woman this year, and Finn is a robot.

Alice’s costume was the easier of the two to make; I found a Wonder Woman onesie at Old Navy, scored a pair of white shorts for a dollar, dyed them blue and went to town with the gold pleather.  The boots/socks were the hardest part – all I did was iron on fusible interfacing, but it was a bear of a project.

She also has a polar fleece cape in case it gets cold (which it will), but we didn’t even get to pull it out today; it is in the seventies today.  YES!


Finn’s costume was WAY more complicated.  Holy lord, I spent forever on it…


His was an old t-shirt with shiny new sleeves, a pair of liquid silver leggings.  Yes, I put my son in skin-tight silver leggings.  Nathan was ever-so-slightly non-plussed. The box is the heaviest fusible interfacing I could find, so it is great for walking around.  Not so much for sitting.

And yes, it lights up.  Of COURSE it lights up.


If you are thinking the hat looks a little dorky, you should see the first two disastrous attempts.

Yes, it lights up, too.  Only three ping-pong balls, one Burger King light up toy and  plastic, light up champagne glass were harmed in its construction.

Holy squee, I can hardly wait until we get to go door to door in these babies.

But for today, we just got to wear them in the daytime.  Remember that Finn’s costume is not sit-down friendly?  Well, storytime is nothing but sitting down.  While he walked in as a robot, he spent most of the time impersonating Freddie Mercury sans the ‘stache.



Lead singer of Queen:


Alice was a big hit, too.


I however, am ashamed of myself.  I totally cheated.  I bought my “costume.”  I know, it is blasphemy.


$10.00 at Walmart?  Pair of jeans?  Cape?  Done.  Cheater, cheater, pumpkin eater.

Alice was not impressed.  And to answer your burning question, YES.  I was the only mom dressed up at storytime.  All the other moms in their orange sweaters and pumpkin earrings need to step up their game.