Brace yourselves; I’m going on a little blog-o-cation for a teeny bit.  Oh, how I wish it were an actual vacation; like to Fiji or something, but alas, I am staying home.

Here’s the deal:

Stress.  Wonderful, glorious stress.  Like, the most stress I have EVER felt.  I have found myself in a situation that is completely out of my control, and the stress is the specific brand that comes standard with a lock box on your front door and a “for sale” sign in your front yard.  As Nathan’s first day in Colorado Springs approaches, I am facing down a stint in solitary confinement in Ohio.  (Anyone under the age of 10 doesn’t count as real company).  There is no end in sight – since I have no idea how long I’ll be waiting it out.

Sucky, sucky.  And not the “me love you long time” kind of sucky, sucky.

My main reason for blogging is to catalogue all the awesome adventures we have.  Secondly, it is to keep the whole fam in the loop at what’s going on here.  I won’t be having any awesome adventures for a while (none that I would like to look back on and recall), and nobody wants to listen to me throw a pity party for myself, I’m just gonna go on sabbatical for a spell.

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Peace out (for a little while), ladies and gents!