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You know, like the SNL Gap Girls from years past….

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, I’m either way older, way younger or way dweebier than you.

The one thing that Alice’s wardrobe is in dire need of is a belt. I know, it is blasphemy that we’ve gotten this far in her short life and not had her midsection properly belted. Because that is what every baby needs; a belt. Or a bathrobe. Or a pair of high-heeled shoes. Maybe a chunky pearl bracelet?

Anywho, I decided to make her a belt whether she needed one or not. I had a remnant of shimmery grey leather left over from my Hobby Lobby scrap stash. I also had a couple extra key rings; ones that didn’t have any keys that I would have to mutilate my fingernails on to repurpose into a belt buckle.

Really, I couldn’t have been lazier. (On second thought, NOT making her a belt at all would have been lazier.) I cut two strips of leather and stitched them together since Alice is a bit of a rotund little thing. I stitched the two rings to one end. It took me more time to get the darn thing around her belly than it did for me to make it.

She is sporting her new embroidered-crest-free white shirt from my last post. If I was going to spend forever de-cresting the damn thing, she better wear it.

And since I was in a “Gap Girls” sorta mood, check out this Farley/Spade/Sandler cross-dressing hilarity from my formative years. Back when SNL was still funny (which is what my Dad says about SNL from his formative years, too).