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I suck at a lot of things.  Parallel parking.  Statistics.  Singing.  Suck, suck and super suck.

Baking is not one of those things.  I’m not ready to go spatula-y-spatula with Bakerella or anything, but I’m pretty good at it.  Strawberry rhubarb pie?  Fo-sho.  Triple berry crisp?  Easy peasy.  Chocolate chip cookies?  Puhlease.  I can whip those suckas out in my sleep.

1 nathan finn

1 Finn cooking

Enter Colorado Springs – elevation 6,000 feet.  Also enter Finn’s current obsession with marshmallows.  Add a dash of baking soda and some vanilla extract and you got-yo-selves a recipie for DISASTER.

At first, I was like, “Yeah.”

1 choc chips

And then I was like “Yeaa-he-ah.”

1 marshm

And as I was spooning them on to the cookie sheet, Nathan was eye-level with them and was like “Yeah…”

1 nathan cookies

But a few minutes later, I was all “Oh.  No.”

1 oven

And a few minutes after that, I was like, “OH.  No, no, no…”

1 out oven

But when we started eating them, holylordohmygod.  They were FANTASTIC.  Ugly, but ah.may.zing.  The marshmallows had carmelized, leaving them full of sorta crispy and toffee-ish.  You know that layer on the top of Creme Brulee, the one that makes it “Brulee?”

Yeah.  That.

They were magnificent.  A mess-terpiece, if you will.  I’m just gonna chalk this one up to the difference in elevation.  (Even though I know it is because I put the marshmallows in them.  Whatever.)

1 plate