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No, really.  Get your damn mind outta the gutter.  Seriously, my new curtains do not match the rug in my living room.

The important thing is that we are getting there.  Slowly, the room is starting to look like an actual living room.  But alas, I’m now on a spending moratorium until all the finances with the move are cleared up and a distant memory.  For the record, they are going to have to bury Nathan and I in this house.  I’m never selling another house again.

1liv room


Instead of looking on the bright side of things; like the fact that I have curtains and rugs to bitch about, all I see in this picture are missing cabinet doors, an unfininshed mirror, an ottoman that is way giant for the space (and in dire need of some new upholstery thanks to Finn) and a rug we stole out of the little man’s room so that we had a softer place to build puzzles and race cars on.  Among many other things.

Truth be told, even if I HAD a boatload of money to drop on a rug, I have zero idea what kind of rug it would be.  I would love to get one of those antique, Turkish kilium rugs – but who does that with kids?  And one of those super trendy chevron patterned rugs is just that – super trendy.  Oi.

The kids, or the dogs don’t seem to mind, though.

1dogs on furn


Just incase you were wondering what an aging Chinese Crested does with his day… Answer:  He sunbathes.



And looks out the window.  Like a cat; which is an animal I despise, but I love me some Waltie.

1walt cat


The dining room is in some serious need of SOMETHING – ANYTHING at the moment.  It is pretty stark.

1din rm


I know y’all have heard this before, but I think that we are going to finally get around to installing the baseboards this weekend.  We were all pumped and ready to pack up the fam and hit the road in The House With Wheels – Estes Park was calling our names.  Then we checked the weather forecast….  Nine degrees.  Eek.  I think the Rockies can wait a few more weeks.

For now, I must sit, with millions of projects whizzing around in my head, just aching for a husband who is irresponsible with money and rolling in extra free time – time that he would rather spend pleasing his renovation-loving-wife rather than sleeping in or organizing the garage (Gah.  Boring!), or worse; toting his budding family to Rocky Mountain National Park.  Wait… That last one was perfectly acceptable to me.

If you are reading, Nathan;  bang up job on getting the curtains hung, and the floor installed, and my giant mirror hung (after two majorly botched attempts by me), and putting Finn to bed every night, and putting in the new garbage disposal, and helping me paint the living room (otherwise known as simply “painting the living room while Lisa points out spots you missed”), oh yeah, and getting a job out here in Colorado so we don’t have to bitch about how much we hate Ohio…

Thanks, Nae.  Love you, Darling.  You’re the bomb. (As I bat my eyelashes and arch my back ever so slightly.)