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Since Alice’s room was the only room that we ever really decorated back in Ohio, it is one of the easiest to put back together now that we are in Colorado. This makes me a little bit sad; the last time Finn’s room was ever done was… Never.

This is what it used to look like… Oh, it was adorable.

IMG_2926 IMG_2928 IMG_2922

When it was featured on Apartment Therapy, I literally almost peed in my pants (I had just had a baby, after all). It was so calming, serene and sweet. When we lived there, Alice was calm, serene and sweet as well. Now? Notsomuch.

Here is what it looks like now; in the new house:

Another Big Bite 1

She knows her way around a stud finder, that one.  Nathan is proud.

She knows her way around a stud finder, that one. Nathan is proud.

We got around to hanging up a few pictures. I’ll be honest; it hasn’t made much of a difference.

Another Big Bite 4

Another Big Bite 3 Another Big Bite 5

But she seems to be mighty impressed. God, I LOVE how easy it is to make her happy.

Another Big Bite 6

While I sit there, putting her to sleep three times a day, I have a hard time focusing. All I can think of is window treatments, rugs and paint colors and- ouch! Alice! Get your finger out of my nose! All I can do is think about re-decorating. Which is a bit pointless, since she will be in a “big girl bed” in a year or so, and then we’ll have to pull a switcheroo all over again.

Before she was born, I made the most adorable rainbow circle quilt. It gets a lot of play around here, and is what I kept coming back to when I would think about what I wanted her new room to look like. She is bright, happy, and (ahem!) colorful. It seems fitting.


She isn’t a baby. She’s not a big girl. She’s a little girl. Finally, I decided to put a little pen to paper and flesh out what I keep daydreaming about. I started a Pinterest board to organize my thoughts. That wasn’t quite enough, though. Enter the mood board, explained here for those of you, like Nathan, who have no idea of what one is. (And cue the chipper, upbeat soundtrack, will ya, John Williams?)

Another Big Bite Alice Mood Board

Most of this stuff we already have. We need a new light fixture for sure, and her carpet is horrendous, so I would really love to get a new rug to cover all the ickyness up. But my weakness? Be still my beating heart; that adorable mushroom stool. Alas, it is from Anthropologie, and $168… So we’re gonna have to find a way to DIY the crap outta that. I’m open to suggestions.

But for now, I’ll have to settle for a gallon of paint. Really, I am fooling myself, since we still have not gotten the baseboards put in the living room. It is starting to feel like that will never get done. All that aside, now I need to start thinking about Finn’s room. For the first time since he was in utero…