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1 Another Big Bite Seeds51 Another Big Bite Seeds

We went through an “Indian Fall(?)” for the first month of our new residence.  We got all hot and bothered to start seeds, begin planning for our garden and surrounding backyard, and counseled my grandfather’s charts and graphs of when to start which seeds when.

That was back when it was warm.  Cloudless.  Snowless.

1 Another Big Bite Seeds2

We started our seeds; some of them – the snap peas, shelling peas, green beans, tomatoes and peppers.  After a bit of a rough start (and a fair amount of mold), they finally sprouted last week.  And there is no stopping them now; snow or no snow.

My grandmother told me to transplant them once they had four true leaves, but these darn things are growing like weeds…  We need to transplant them into small pots in the next day or so, and give the peas something to climb before they start climbing each other.

1 Another Big Bite Seeds4

As for the sweet peppers and tomatoes, I think those can stay put for now.

You should see the way we are tending to these little sprouts.  Every night, I put them up on the table and away from the chilly window.  Every morning I put them back on the floor where it is warm and sunny…  Then they move along the floor, fighting the dogs for the sunspots.  Finn and I preen, we lift them up to make sure the roots don’t tangle into the underlayment.  Alice mostly just murders tomato seedlings, though.

1 Another Big Bite Seeds3

I will say, after killing every plant I have ever had in my charge, this is quite remarkable…

A little bit of a miracle, actually.