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My mom works for a non-profit that is awesome; they send care packages to troops deployed overseas.  Not just “warm fuzzy” stuff such as notes from kindergarteners and letters of appreciation and the like.  That stuff goes in there, too, but they send really awesome stuff; ten pounds of socks, magazines, DVDs, candy, toothbrushes, Slim Jims, toilet paper…  They cram as much as they possibly can into these boxes. Thier volunteers pride themselves on being able to squish ridiculous amounts of supplies in the space they have.  These folks were Tetris champs in their past lives.  It is quite the operation; one that you cannot comprehend until you stand in the warehouse, surrounded by pallets of brand-spankin-new socks, cartons of Cheese-Its and bin upon bin of nothing but Chapstick.

I was lucky enough to be tasked with designing their shirts for this enormous summer concert they put on.  It raises, like, a bajillion dollars for them. (That is an estimated figure.)

The next thing I know, I’ve basically suggested everyone (Vets, soldiers and their families – basically a bunch of Republicans – I’m generalizing, but it is true), proclaim their support for Obama.

OSOT 2013 Concert Tshirt Back

It didn’t even register in my mind, maybe because I don’t watch a lot of television and I am rarely paying attention to bumper stickers when I am trying to quell a tantrum in the backseat with nothing but my right arm, but yep.  Obama forever!

I also was asked to make the “heck yeah, I’m at a rockin’ awesome concert” guy look like a soldier.  I’m embarrassed to say this is the best I could come up with.

OSOT 2013 Concert Tshirt Version 2

Ah, the life of a quasi-graphic designer.  Making the world pro-Democrat, one unintentional faux-pas at a time.