I hope y’all had a fabulous holiday weekend!  Ours was awesome – I’ll tell you all about it on Wednesday.  Today isn’t the day to chat about Easter dresses or the coolest thing I have ever done in Colorado Springs…

Nine years ago today, Nathan and I got all dressed up in black and white and proclaimed in front of an audience that we would love each other through sickness and in health.  It is only fitting that I feel like a pile of dog poop today – it seems as though the bug that knocked the kids on their asses all last week has picked me as its next ungrateful host.

So, no, we aren’t doing anything special today.  Not that we would be if I was operating at 100% – we just aren’t those types of folks.  I did spend a couple of minutes laughing over our wedding pics this morning.  (Why did it seem necessary to have fake nails at my wedding??  Clearly it wasn’t fooling anyone.)  Here are a couple of my favorites:

000425 - 029 000425 - 197 000425 - 268


It was a fabulous day… only it ended up with me hyperventilating because I couldn’t undo the 900 buttons down the back of my dress, and Nathan, who was passed out, was NO help whatsoever.  Which reminds me that although we have grown up tremendously since that day, not a lot has changed.  We are still both major pains in the asses.

Love you, Nae.  Happy anniversary. 🙂