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1 Finn Bday

Finn’s birthday was a success this weekend.  There was cake, ice cream and candy…  This last week has been pretty tough to stay nice and healthy.  It started with Easter dinner which was healthful as holiday feasts go.  But there was candy everywhere…  And with the Finnster’s birthday, we had cake, ice cream, pizza; the works.  Which is fine.  I’m glad the crappy eating is over, though, since it seems that the more crap I eat, the more apt I am to keep eating it.

Back to kale.  De-lish.

Finny is pretty into Angry Birds at the moment; not that I understand the draw of it, but he spends little time playing the actual video game and lots of time stacking objects up and throwing plastic birds at them.  It is loud, but he seems to get something out of it.  Naturally, he wanted an Angry Birds cake for his birthday.   In fact, he told everyone that would listen that he was having an Angry Birds party; nevermind the fact that it was just going to be the four of us here at the house.

photo 3

The irony is not lost on me that I joyfully awaited becoming a parent so I could make adorable, awesome birthday cakes and now that this blessed chore befalls me, I have no energy or drive to cover the kitchen in a thin film of powdered sugar. This cake would have been the bomb, if not for the kids.  And work.  And laundry.  And cooking.  Such is the life.

The thought of breaking out fondant for a cake that would be half eaten and tossed in the trash was not tempting.  Not to mention fondant kind of tastes like the inside of a dogs rear end.  Instead, I got a package of gumdrops and went about snipping and molding and smooshing them into what vaguely resembles an indignant red cardinal and irritating green pigs.

photo 1

I used little white sprinkles for the eyes and (shhh – don’t tell anyone) used a Sharpie of all things to make the little black dots for their eyes.  That’s me; poisoning my family, one Sharpie dot at a time.

photo 2

Throw a package of wafer cookies in the mix and you’ve got a cake that will delight any four-year-old – enough so that he may be content playing with his cake the entire day until he blows out his candles, gets a giant slice and promptly ignores it in favor of playing with his new Legos.

Since Nathan had to work over the weekend, I asked Finn what he wanted to do.  He decided that the zoo was the place to be (again), and I happily obliged.  Besides getting mugged by an entire herd of giraffes after being the only one in a crowd with a scrap of lettuce, we headed out so Finn could ride on the ponies.  He was so excited that he couldn’t even stand still.

photo 4photo 5

After the cake and presents were out of the way, we dumped what was left of the cake in the trash so we wouldn’t be tempted to eat it.  Finn played with his new toys extra late and wearily stumbled up to bed and both kids were out cold in less than five minutes.

Which happened to be my very favorite part of the day.