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1 Caves 2Last weekend, we hit up The Manitou Cliff Dwellings for a little bit of educational fun.  I suppose I should emphasize the “little bit” part, because even though they were cool, what you see in the photo above is about all it is.  We had a coupon for a buy one get one free admission, so it was fine in the end, but for ten buckaroos a person?  Meh.  The marketing person behind it all deserves a raise, though.

We were all packed and ready for a nice good hike; we had water and hats, jackets and comfortable shoes, but we encountered little more rocky terrain than a set of steps.  We were in and out of there in about an hour; most of which was spent perusing the gift shop and all its plastic-Native-American-doll glory.  The kids had fun.

1 Caves 3

1 Caves 1The most exciting part for Finn was grinding corn – or “making quesadillas” as he put it.

1 Caves 4It was a beautiful day and a nice, long Sunday drive was in order.  I am beginning to understand why my parents were so fond of Sunday drives…  The kids are strapped down and cannot move, and when we pop in a video for them – SILENCE. Sweet, sweet, silence.

We ended up at Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument, which would have been awesome if we would have had a little more time.  It was bright and sunny when we arrived…

1 Beds 1


1 Beds 2But after checking out the half mile loop and its petrified sequoia tree stumps, the sky became a little ominous…

1 beds 3No sooner had we packed the kids up when it started pelting rain, and by the time we were on the highway heading back to Colorado Springs, the hail had turned to snow.  It had dropped almost twenty degrees and the driving was touch-and-go.

photo (2)None of that mattered by the time we got home, though.  It was bright and sunny, and the kids and I hung out in the back yard (hauling rocks – yay.) while Nathan installed the baseboards in the living room (Happy Mother’s Day!!  Really.  I was ecstatic.)

photo (3)