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Just more pictures of giraffes.  And Garden of the Gods.

And this lovely lady:

photo 2 (2)

Last week, we had our first official visitor; Gwen, my dear, dear friend from high school and Alice’s godmother.  Since I posted about feeding giraffes, she made sure we knew THAT is what we should do when she came to visit.

I had no problem indulging myself her.

Despite the fact that I never quite got around to cleaning the house properly, she still loves me.  I am the antithesis of Gwen’s BFF back in Chicago, who really is the perfect mother while keeping her house spotless…  While I’ve never actually met her, she seriously seems amazing, and genuinely put together (and is a total knockout in every photo I’ve ever seen of her on Facebook).  Meanwhile, I haven’t mopped the floor in a week and a half, Finn spent a large chunk of our time at the house from Wednesday to Friday parked in front of some kind of screen or another – and my eyebrows?  Haven’t been landscaped in over a month.  There has to be balance in the world, right?

Gwen asked when I got to the point where I wasn’t constantly wiping the kids’ faces…  Should I feel horrible that I cannot recall a point where I ever DID wipe them clean?

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photo 1 (3)

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photo 3 (3)

photo 4 (2)So, after a fantastical journey to the zoo (again), we took a much-needed breather.  This, Gwen, is what you traveled thousands of miles for:

photo 4 (3)G and I went took in The Great Gatsby; and subsequently got in a delightful, yet heated argument about Paul Newman vs. Robert Redford on the way home…  The movie was surprisingly pretty good; and even though I’m not the world’s biggest fangirl of Leonardo DiCaprio, oh…  That look when he finally sees Daisy for the first time in five years?  Ugh, it gets ya right in the feels.

We also took her to Garden of the Gods – which never fails to disappoint.

photo 5 (3)

photo 1 (4)

photo 3 (4)

On Friday night, when her sister (who lives a few hours from here) came to pick her up, I didn’t even get that feeling that you normally get when house guests leave… You know the feeling; where you simply cannot wait to run around in your underwear again?

I guess we’re past all that, her and I.  And I adore her for it.  Despite the fact that she honestly believes that Paul Newman was better looking than this guy:


Love you, G.  Miss you already.  But Redford beats Newman by a mile. XOXO

photo 2 (4)