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1 tank 2

Do you ever have one of those projects that, by all accounts, will be quick and easy, and ends up being a total nightmare?  Me, too.  This is one of them.

This project started out as a super soft yet unnervingly illfitting cheapie tshirt from Old Navy.  It was regular old tshirt; why would I need to try it on?  I grabbed my size, headed for the register with two wriggly children in my wake and silently cursed Old Navy everytime I rifled past it in my closet.  It was too boxy in the body, too tiny in the sleeves… ugh.  A nightmare.

photo 1

Couple that wonky tshirt with WAY too many hours on Pinterest, and you end up with an overinflated confidence in your sewing ability.  That geourgus chickadee from Cotton & Curls?  Pfft.  I can take her.  Or so you think.

The next thing you know, you are wondering why in the hell Alice really needed another tank top, and why didn’t you just do what normal people do and donate that effing shirt?

It started simply enough; tracing one of her tops for a pattern, and putting in little quasi-box pleats at the top.  Box pleats?  I love box pleats.

photo 2

photo 3Then came the pain-in-the-ass part.   All that tiny, tiny finishing work…  The kind that if you don’t take your time, the whole thing looks like a craptacular Home Ec project.

photo 4

photo 5

And just when it was all done, I nodded with satisfaction and waited for her to wake up.  And that, my dear friends, is always where it seems to go wrong.  It looks cute on the hanger, but fits like a garbage bag.  And so I ended taking it up, taking it in, and running elastic through the top of the back to scrunch it up just a smidge.

1 tank 1

And Alice, of course, thought it was alright, but really needed to be paired with a statement shoe…  I am totally seriuos when I say that she demands what shoes she wears.  At least these match.

1 tank 3

I’m going to have one of those kids who ends up at Target with a tutu, leather coat and galoshes.  Single girls will look at me and wonder why I ever let her leave the house that way (as I often did when I was a single girl – ashamedly).  Other mothers will give me a warm, understanding smile; yes, some kids just are like this…  I am not much of a “pink” girl; but this child – lordy – she loves pink.  LOVES PINK.

So it is only my responsibility as a mom to make sure that she has lots of other colors in her wardrobe to balance it out.