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This moment was brought to you by two trips to Home Depot, ten dollars worth of PVC and connectors, one hand saw, one queen-sized sheet and one Dad committed to pimping out his kid’s bed.


Step 1:  Be Dad’s Assistant in cutting stuff up with a saw.


Step 2:  Act as Project Manager during construction of a structure surrounding the bed.


Step 3:  Drape a sheet over said structure and climb inside.  Awesomest fort EVER.




(Optional) Step 4:  Ham it up as Mom tries to take a couple of pictures of you in your new fort.

Nathan and I have been planning on making Finny’s room into something really, super cool – we want to elevate his bed and make a fort underneath, complete with bookcases, a twinkly star ceiling and a comfy place to snuggle up and read a book.

Ah, the road to hell is paved with good intentions.  We want to get cracking on his room, but life kinda gets in the way; weekend work schedules, vacation, business trips, yard work, mini road trips in The House with Wheels…

Nathan finally put his foot down.  If we weren’t going to build him a proper, permanent fort, dammit, we were gonna build him a temporary fort.  He would probably be just as tickled with a fort made from PVC and a spare sheet.  Right?

Abso-freakin-loutly.  I don’t think aesthetics matter as much to a four-year-old as much as they do to me.  He loved it.


It has been up for over a week now, and he climbs inside to read every night.  We clipped a little battery-powered light in there which makes reading “Where the Sidewalk Ends” that much more entertaining.  I’m not sure if he falls asleep any faster, but he certainly doesn’t fight us when it comes to the actual getting into bed part.

1fort1I’m not sure how long it will last, but I’m leaving that baby up until the coolness wears off.  Then I’m disassembling it, stowing it in the basement, and holding on to it as my trump card for the day when bedtime gets to be a pain again.