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I was going to paint Finn’s entire room charcoal gray.  But I was terrified to do it.  Chicken, actually…

While Nathan was out of town for a few days on an exotic business trip to Pennsylvania, I decided to get cracking.  Before that body was even cold, the kids and I were waltzing into Home Depot as the store was opening its doors.

Let us have a moment of pause for the level of dedication required to get the kids up, ready and at Home Depot at SEVEN IN THE MORNING on a Sunday.  Woman on a mission, I was.



When push came to shove, though, I decided to paint one wall really dark, and the rest of the room a light gray.  I semi-chickened out.  Buock, buuuock.

I got busy taping and prepping so that the moment Alice was down for a nap, I started to paint the dark wall.  The color is “Intellectual” by Behr.  Is that the most ridiculous name for a paint color, ever??  What color were you thinking of painting your guest room, Lisa?  Oh, I cannot decide between a light remorse or a deep, deep hungry.  Or, maybe I should go with something a little more startled-ish?  Once the first wall was done, I was luuurving it.  Oh, this was amazing!  What was I worried about?  Awesome!!

Yes!! Yes!!!

Yes!! Yes!!!

I was even more excited than usual for bedtime.  As soon as Finn was out cold, I moved him into my room, pumped quietly rocked-out the Mumford and Sons.  I went with Martha Stewart’s “Cement Gray” for the lighter color.  Once it was on the walls, it looked, well, like a cement wall.  I religiously follow Thistlewood Farms’ advice on always going a shade darker than you think.  It has served me well so far.  Now?  Notsomuch.  It looks like a prison cell in here.

Whomp, whomp.

Whomp, whomp.

But, it is only paint.

Just paint.

OH GOD, I’m gonna have to paint again.

Or not.  This will do for now.  Maybe once the walls have some art on them, and the roman shades are up (which I have decided to go with white since the room is so dark), it won’t look so bad.  Right now I am patiently waiting for some supplies to come in from Denmark (oh, now you’re curious, hum?) for the art I plan on making.  The bed/loft will be painted white, so hopefully that will brighten up the space.

For now, a teentsy part of me feels a twinge of guilt when I send Finny to his cell room.  (As for every other fiber of my being, the entertaining irony is not lost on me.)

Get back in your cell!  Don't make me get the hose!

Get back in your cell! Don’t make me get the hose!