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I had grand plans for this weekend, but the constant threat of rain rendered painting the garage door a fruitless endeavor.  

Must…. Wait… For… Another… Three… Day… Weekend…  (The perfect excuse to procrastinate, even if it isn’t a valid one.)

I already have the shutters and front door done, but the garage door is giving me the old stink-eye.  I am afraid to tackle it, mostly because we are going from the same light gray that the house is to almost black…  It is either going to look awesome, or totally shitty.  And there is no going back once it is done – I’ll never be able to match the paint color that the house is now.

photo 1 (1)

The real star of the show is Finn’s bedroom.  On Sunday night, Finn sprinted into our room in the middle of the night, terrified from the nightmare he had just woken up from.  I’m not going to say that I intentionally took advantage of the situation, but let us agree that I did not let a good opportunity pass me by.  Watch and learn…

“Finn, why are you so scared?”

“I had a bad dream.  I’m afraid to be in my bed, please, oh please, let me stay here in your bed, not in my bed.  There are monsters under my bed.”

“What would make your room not scary?”  I am so glad Nathan was awake for this part.  “What if monsters couldn’t hide under there anymore?”

He tells me he wouldn’t be scared.  I don’t know if this is actually the case, but I. Don’t. Care.  As soon as we shuttle him back to bed, Nathan is staring at the ceiling, plotting Finny’s new loft.

Mission Accomplished.  I’m working on hashing out the photo op with George W. Bush at the moment.  Please stand by.

This will have to do for now.  via

Instead of painting garage doors, Monday morning was filled with tape measures and pencil sketches and trips to Home Depot.  After an unfortunate setback with the table saw melting its on/off switch (and subsequent visits to Radio Shack and Lowes to find a replacement), we didn’t get far enough to paint last night, but the details have been hashed out, his existing bed has been dismantled for parts, rock climbing holds have been ordered and there is an enormous structure taking shape in Finn’s bedroom.

photo 3

So photo-realistic it’s SCARY.

photo 2 (1)Finn's Big Boy Room

The Big Boy Room is officially underway!  I can’t wait!

With any luck, our retired climbing rope will get a bath this morning, we will get our final Home Depot run in this evening, and I will be relocating a sleeping pre-schooler while I paint in the middle of the night.

I’m gonna say it again – I CAN’T WAIT!!